Hotel Encián, Donovaly – Terms of Conditions

Všeobecné obchodné podmienky pre poskytovanie ubytovacích služieb v Horskom Hoteli Encián ***

General Business Terms and Conditions for the provision of accommodation services at Horský Hotel Encián***


Article I. – Contracting Parties

1. The Parties for the provision of accommodation services (hereinafter referred to as “Services”)
at Horský Hotel Encián*** (hereinafter referred to as the “Hotel”) and by the Client are:

a/ VEGA PLUS, s.r.o.,

Horský Hotel Encián***,

Donovaly 105, 976 39 Donovaly,

incorporated in the Commercial Register administered by the District Court in Bratislava I., Insert No. 68679/B

Company Registration No.:        45922501

Tax Identification No.:        2023141758,

VAT No.:       SK2023141758

b/ natural persons or legal persons (hereinafter referred to as the “Clients”)

2. The Client can order the provision of Services by the Hotel (hereinafter referred to as the “Reservation”)
at the Hotel, via the Internet, by phone or in person.
3. The content of the Reservation can be found on the Hotel website -
4. Provided that the Hotel capacity allows, the Reservation complies with all the stated requirements, and the Client provides the Hotel with all information needed in order to meet this obligation, the Hotel shall confirm the Client the Services to be provided according to their Reservation.
5. The Hotel confirms the Reservation via the Internet.


Article II. – Provision of Services to the Client


1. The Hotel shall only provide its Services to the Client based on their Reservation after confirmation thereof by the Hotel and in compliance with the respective confirmation, unless agreed otherwise by the Parties.
2. The Hotel provides its Services to Clients to the agreed extent, or to the extent and in a way specified by the facility categorization pursuant to applicable regulations and the General Business Terms and Conditions of Horský Hotel Encián.
3. The Client shall be obliged to pay the Hotel for the provided Services an agreed price, or the price stipulated in the valid Hotel price list. It is applicable to the total amount due, and the method and date of its payment.
4. The Hotel is entitled to request a deposit or full payment in advance. The Hotel is obliged to inform the Client of this fact in writing when confirming the Reservation. The required deposit is the amount equal to 50% of the price for the Services.
5. The price for Services is in accordance with that stated on the confirmation of the Reservation. Unless otherwise agreed, the prices stated in the price list posted at the reception desk and published on the Hotel’s website are applicable.
6. Unless otherwise agreed, the price for the Services is due on the day of leaving at the latest.
7. In the case of warranty claims, the guest has the option of contacting an entity for alternative resolution of disputes as per regulation pursuant to section 10(1)(k) of Act No. 250/2007 Coll. The entity for alternative resolution of disputes is the Slovak Trade Inspection.


Horský Hotel Encián***

Donovaly 105, 97639 Donovaly,


+421 48 419 97 12 , +421 903 297 111


Article III. – Rights and Obligations of the Client


1. The Client is entitled to Services from 2 pm on the first day of the provision of Services.
2. Unless otherwise agreed, the Client is obliged to hand over the respective rooms of the Hotel for which Services were provided by 10 am at the latest on the last day agreed for the provision of Services. Should the Client fail to comply with this obligation in time, the Client is obliged to pay the Hotel the price of the respective rooms, in accordance with the valid price list posted at the reception desk or published on the Hotel’s website, for each day of the delay (see
3. If the Client fails to check in by 9 pm on the first day agreed for the provision of Services, unless otherwise agreed in writing, by facsimile, phone or via the Internet, the Hotel is entitled to cancel the provision of Services to the Client.
4. The Client is entitled to cancel unilaterally the provision of Services confirmed by the Hotel.
5. If the provision of Services has been cancelled unilaterally by the Client, the Client is obliged to pay the Hotel a cancellation fee amounting to:

                 0–6 days before check in 100% of the deposit

                 7–14 days before check in 50% of the deposit

                 15 or more days before check in 0% of the deposit

6. If the Client decides to terminate its stay sooner than as agreed in the Reservation, the Client is not entitled to any refund of the sum paid to the Hotel, unless otherwise agreed or unless the circumstances surrounding the termination are the result of a “Force Majeure” event.


Article IV. – Final Provisions

1. These General Business Terms and Conditions and the legal relations arising from them are governed by the legal regulations of the Slovak Republic.
2. The Clients' stay in the Hotel is regulated by the Accommodation Rules which are binding on them. The Hotel’s Accommodation Rules can be found at the Hotel reception desk and in each room.
3. The Client confirms that by making a Reservation with the Hotel, by unilateral cancellation of the provision of Services, or by its accommodation in the Hotel, that the Client has made itself familiar with these Terms and Conditions and that the Client agrees with their wording.
4. These General Business Terms and Conditions for the provision of accommodation services in Horský Hotel Encián*** became valid on 1 September 2014.