Welcome to the heart of Low Tatras

The unique location of the hotel in the Low Tatras National Park offers a range of opportunities for sport, discovering the natural wonders, local monuments and tourist attractions in one of the most beautiful parts of Slovakia. A wide range of sports, tourist and bathing destinations will enrich your stay with new experiences.



Ski lifts and cableways - Donovaly
Distance: Donovaly | Map

If you like skiing, you will certainly be pleased to learn about the large number of ski lifts and cableways . 


Cycling Map Donovaly
Distance: Donovaly | Map

If you like cycling, you will certainly be pleased to learn about the large number of cycling routes.


Donovalkovo - capital city of children
Distance: 1,5 km | Map

Don’t wait until you grow up. Come to Donovalkovo, the capital city of children, and you can become a firefighter, policeman, banker, car racer, doctor and a lot more. Minicity & minifarm come to see our mini animals. These animals are miniatures, they will not grow bigger. Also you can try many professions which are available.


Fun Arena Donovaly
Distance: 2 km | Map

The favourite place for winter relaxation and fun on skis or snowboards PARK SNOW Donovaly has changed in summer into the adrenaline centre for fun, Fun Arena Donovaly with its biggest attractions – the toboggan run, rope centre, climbing wall (the biggest of its kind in Slovakia), bungee trampolines, 8-bed trampoline, kids’ rope centre and kids’climbing wall.


Distance: 1  km | Map

The small village of Habakuky is unique and ideal for anyone who wants to experience the atmosphere of Slovak fairy tales. The array of small houses and attractions have been built in the style of folklore-fantasy architecture as described in the tales of Pavol Dobšinský. The highlights of the resort are Eggshell Castle with its pond, the amphitheatre which can seat 200 people, and the KÚRNIK ŠHOPA SENTER shopping mall. 


Harmanecká Cave
Distance: 25 km | Map

The best known cave of Veľká Fatra is located in the Hermanecký Kras region. It is a natural chasm with snow white stalactite formations. The large domes, walled waterfalls, rare white soft sinter, tall pagodas and sinter lakes are beautiful to behold. It takes about an hour to get to the cave along a nature trail lined with information panels. The entrance to the cave is about 250 metres above the main road from Banská Bystrica to Turiec. In the vicinity of Harmanecká Cave, tourists can also visit the National Nature Reserve Harmanecká Tisina which is one of the oldest and most famous nature reserves in Slovakia.


Špania Dolina
Distance: 23 km | Map

The mining town of Špania Dolina is well known all over Europe thanks to its deposits of copper and silver. Mining in this area dates back to the 11th century. One particularly interesting feature is the solar clock on the church. A slag heap from one of the mine shafts offers a beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding mountains.


Distance: 30 km | Map

The town of Vlkolínec is a historical reservation full of folk architecture which has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1993. The village is a remarkably preserved mountain settlement consisting of log houses in characteristic Central-European style. The village, which has remained largely undisturbed, and which nestles in the middle of country hinterlands formed by narrow field lines and pastures and which is protected to the north by the Sidorovo formation, represents a type of medieval settlement with typical wooden architecture for mountain and foothill regions.


Gino Paradise Bešeňová
Distance: 38  km | Map

Throughout the year you can enjoy not only the enchanting nature of Liptov but also the positive effects on the human body of the unique geothermal waters. The waters are beneficial for the locomotory system and respiratory tract, as well as having positive cosmetic effects. The lithium in the water also has a positive influence on ones psyche.


Tatralandia Liptovský Mikuláš
Distance: 55 km | Map

This is the largest water park in Slovakia and one of the largest in central Europe. It is in operation all year long and also offers thermal water baths; it is located in the vicinity of Liptovský Mikuláš. The facility includes several swimming pools with salt, thermal and pure water, waterslides, a Celtic sauna world with a range of steam, water and massage baths, saunas and procedures, as well as a range of other attractions. The dominant feature of Aquapark Tatralandia and Liptov is the TATRAN MADONNA – the largest mosaic in the world made of coins in circulation – in total using 115 thousand coins.


The Lúčky healing baths in Liptov
Distance: 41 km | Map

The baths focus on gynaecological problems as well as problems of the locomotory and nervous system, occupational illnesses, digestive and metabolic problems, endocrine and non-TBC respiratory problems. The mineral water from the Valentin spring is available to hotel guests as well as the general public. The baths in Lúčky also include the Aqua Vital park, open all year long. It offers inside as well as outside swimming pools with healing water and a so-called "vitality world". This also includes a salt cave – both dry and wet, salt-water jacuzzi with sea salt, Finnish sauna, infrasauna and a cooling barrel.


Distance: 42 km | Map

An entertaining ride, a bit of adrenaline, thermal water, entertainment with children and family. All of this is available in the internal waterslide for all age categories and in all seasons of the year. The entrance to the waterslide is located in the inside area of the swimming pool, and it also ends in this area.


Aquapark Gothal
Distance: 14 km | Map

The resort is located in a picturesque mountainous area between Veľká Fatra and Low Tatry. The complex includes an aquapark, open all year long, with an inside 25-meter swimming pool, relaxation and children pools, a sauna world, fitness centre with a climbing wall and a golf simulator. The recreation centre should in the future be expanded with a soccer stadium with artificial grass and lighting, an inside winter stadium in operation all year long, multifunctional sports hall, a small ski resort and a summer bob-sleigh track.